Bean to Bar – Mason & Co


I stumbled upon this chocolate company when I was doing my research to source some organic chocolate. I was very impressed by their website and was elated to find them  based out of Auroville.

Jane and Fabien are the passionate entrepreneurs behind this chocolate making company. Fabien took about two years to research and perfect his chocolate before selling it in the market. Fabien’s deep knowledge about chocolate making reflects in his wide range of products. I particularly liked the texture of their chocolate as it is very smooth bearing in mind that these are hand processed minimally.

Mason & Co follows the bean to bar concept, similar to Earth Loaf, based in Mysore. Cacao beans may look like an almond and comes with a thin skin covering. This skin can be removed by hand or soaked in warm water to discard the skin.  Large processing house use  machine to remove the skin covering but, Fabien as designed his own machinery to separate the two.  These beans are then crushed and are called cacao nibs, which is further processed for a long duration to make chocolate bars. Cacao beans are particularly found to be very healthy for its flavonoid content. The darker the chocolate the better flavonoid content is has, which helps to prevent diseases Cancer and Alzheimer.

The majority of chocolate makers buy blocks of pre-made chocolate from bulk suppliers and just re-melt this chocolate to produce their own signature brand. Mason & Co explains their process through pictures very clearly on their website. Mason & Co chocolate bars are mostly available in Auroville and Pondicherry.




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