Where Grasshopper went wrong in serving their 7 course meal….



Grasshopper, the much hyped place in Bangalore has been on my list for a very, very long time. Finally, I set my mind to book  a table and convinced my husband that we should really try something “different”.

I made a booking a week before and got a confirmation call a day in advance on Saturday evening for Sunday lunch. Grasshopper serves a seven course meal with tea/coffee after meal. I wanted to try this place specifically during the day as I thought that it would be a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon at the farm. We reached before time and looked around and found a guy in white shirt greet us, the waiter was the only face we saw all afternoon. We settled in and ordered some beer to beat the Sunday heat. After a while of lounging in the garden area we then moved into a more shady place where our table was set for the afternoon.

Designing a seven course meal requires a lot of planning and none of the dishes or ingredients should clash with each other. Your palate or tongue  becomes sensitive after being exposed to strong flavors; hence, in order to enjoy each flavor on the seven course meal it is imperative to have a palate cleanser (like having a reset button for your taste buds) break at the fourth course, perhaps a sorbet or something very mild and hydrating to prepare you for the three courses. We were served roasted beat salad with feta cheese (at fourth course) before our main course. Technically, you would not want to serve cheese just before your main meal as it will impact the flavors and future taste. Sea bass with caper sauce was served right after the beet salad and the fish seemed bland and less on flavors for me. A switch of serving the fish and then the salad, would have made a world of difference. There was a basket of bread kept through out the meal but how many of us know that it can help you cleanse your palate…. We generally eat into the bread basket at the beginning to overcome the wait for the meal.

Black pepper is a widely used ingredient in a lot of Italian restaurants in Bangalore. I don’t have a problem with that, but how much pepper is a question for me. A lot of professional Italian restaurants in India, do control the pepper usage and always ask if the customer would like more pepper to be sprinkled from the pepper cracker. I would have preferred less pepper in the rosemary chicken  (I’m assuming, since there was no sheet of paper given to me when I arrived to know what to expect) that they served for the main course, although the chicken was perfectly cooked.

Desserts at any restaurant is something I really look forward to and I must say that I was quiet disappointed with the espresso panacotta as it lacked the average sweetness and combined flavors that a dessert should impart.

Meal per person is priced at 2500/- + taxes. Beverages and alcohol extra.














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