#Instabreakfast 001

#Instabreakfast is a new series that I will be sharing with you on regular basis. As a working woman with no help at home, breakfast can be a tedious process. I’m trying to simply life and in process sharing some of my breakfast ideas with you. Breakfast is an integral and the MOST important start to our day!


 Eggs with brown bread is a classic at any Indian home. Here, I’ve given a base of mushrooms and complimented my breakfast with home made bread by using wheat, ragi (pearl millet) & amaranth flour. This breakfast is finished with a glass of i2cook’s peanut butter and banana smoothie.

Spinach eggs Spinach scrabbled eggs with cut papaya, days when there is no bread at home due to my busy schedule at work. Spinach is home grown and added to the eggs topped  with one of my favorite ingredient SOS Organics chilli flakes. Banana bread I can make banana bread even in my sleep! hahaha This is a weekly ritual so that we have something always in the fridge on days when I cannot figure out what to cook! Recipe for banana bread or gluten-free banana bread. Sweet potato pattice This was a last minute thing all put together. Sweet potato pattice or cutlet with amaranth seed, topped with homemade salsa and alfalfa sprouts. And this was Yum! Know more about sprouting alfalfa seeds here. Smoothie + Salad   Had some leftovers spinach, ripened avocado and banana, buzzed all these in a mixer with a dash of spirulina powder. This really felt fresh and my stomach felt really cool in this horrid heat. A simple cucumber and alfalfa sprouts were an added effect to cooling me down further.   Go Bananas   #TGIF and thought of ending the week with some chocolate. Homemade nutella or hazelnut and chocolate spread is the best! Banana & nutella smoothie with a dash of i2cook’s coconut sugar and of course there was some banana bread to nibble on.

For more breakfast stories follow me on Instagram @acefoodie. All photos have been clicked through my phone. 95% of the ingredients used are all organic! Breakfast tray has been bought from the summerhouse.in


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