Cookalong – Kodava Cuisine


Pig Out recently hosted Kodava cuisine cookalong at the Slurp Studio and I was happy to be part of it! If you have read my old post on Pandi Curry, you will know that I use to spend most of my summer holidays in Coorg, feasting on my grandmother’s cooking.  Coorg is very famous for its pork dishes but there are some seasonal, vegetarian dishes which keep taking me back in time and remind me of my childhood. Kodava cuisine makes interesting use of locally grown/seasonal ingredients like nati or wild mangoes, forest mushrooms, bamboo shoot in savory dishes and ripe banana or jackfruit in desserts.

Anjali and Ambika  have grown up on traditional Kodava food and have dedicated themselves in promoting the cuisine by serving the delicacies in Bangalore through their catering service Pig Out. Slurp Studio was a perfect host and provided the perfect setting to enjoy the evening. We were divided into 3-4 per team and cooking stations assigned to each. We made 4  mains and one dessert.

Chilli Pork – a simple and very tasty dish well suited for the rum drinkers 😉 Pork was cooked to perfection with equal amounts of pepper and green chillies. Kamchampuli, a souring agent which is locally grown in Coorg is the magic portion which helps in enhancing the taste! This ingredient is also crucial for making pandi curry.

Pepper Chicken – every person from Coorg will have his or her version of pepper chicken. Pig Out girls made a boneless version which was bursting with pepper in every bite.


Akki Otti (Rice Roti) – is traditionally prepared for breakfast for men  who  go to the field for farming. Previous night’s rice is mashed thoroughly with some rice powder and kneaded into a dough, which is flattened to make ooti. However, Pig Out girls showed a different version of only using the rice flour, 1:2 version of flour and water with a pinch of salt. It is a more tedious process and most of us were struggling to handle the hot dough. However, some succeeded in rolling out some really good round ottis.

Kumbala Curry (Pumpkin curry) – coconut based gravy which goes extremely well with akki otti.

Thambuttu  – this is a banana and rice flour based dessert, made usually during the harvest season, Puthari. The rice flour is made by dry roasting par boiled rice and grounding it to a fine powder along with fenugreek seeds. Recipe of Thambuttu by Shalini.


The table was laid out beautifully along with a surprise gift for everyone to take home, Coorg spice masala, which can be used to prepare various savory dishes apart from pandi curry. I was also happy to see one of my favorite dish served – Kaad Maange Curry, which means wild mango curry. It was DELICIOUS! Another surprise dish was the famous pandi curry made really well.

After a long time I tasted some of the dishes that were long forgotten. The Pig Out girls are trying to revive and perfect these dishes by making use of the locally available ingredients (some from their farm in Coorg) and catering to the taste of urban audience. You can LIKE Pig Out  for updates and ordering. Also, don’t forget to order their delicious in-house passion fruit juice.



One thought on “Cookalong – Kodava Cuisine

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I got to know yours 🙂 And this post reminded me of the several Kodava meals we ate greedily at a food fair held at some ground (close to CFTRI) in Mysore. A family had put up a stall and every evening we found ourselves there, polishing the pandi curry, ubuttu, several types of chicken curries, thumbuttu etc. I wish we could find this food closer home too.


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