Floored by Nicobar!

A community table at Nicobar, Bengaluru to work, read a book or strike a conversation to the person sitting next to you



Nicobar (not the island) recently launched its third outlet in Bangalore spread across 2800 square feet area, above Good Earth, off Lavelle road. Niocbar is a sister company of Good Earth, a luxury brand since two decades. I had an opportunity to chat with some of the members of the team at the Nicobar store and was really impressed by the thought process of the  designers who aim at capturing the modern urban living by offering products to blend in the new way of living.

Nicobar has 3 sections  – clothing (women/men), home & travel. Part of the store is designed for multi-functional spaces that can be transformed  from a mini theatre for film screenings, art gallery or an entrepreneurs hub. Nicobar is also kind enough to invite visitors to linger and not feel compelled to rush out, there is a book corner with a curated selection  and Fresh Pressery café next door for a nibble or drink to round off the visit. The best part about the store is that they have paperless billing and prefer to mail you the invoice. Nicobar store in Bengaluru believes in delivering an experience to its customers through design, space or digitally.

 “Nicobar was created to establish a modern Indian voice” Raul Rai, Co-founder and CEO

Clothing collection at Nicobar is simple, timeless and relaxed. Use of Indian natural fabric and lightness of the fabric is what makes it functional and easy to carry it around. The home collection is a chic, contemporary line of beautiful glassware, stoneware, marble and brassware. The home collection is inspired by Indian spice route and they have some very interesting candles infused with local Indian spices and flowers. The travel range includes bags, comfort wear and organized travel accessories designed keeping in mind utility and versatility for the everyday traveler.

Nicobar is an afforable brand and is online  with the entire range of clothing, home and travel. They are also on Instagram @nicojournal to keep yourself updated with their latest collection.


The steps can be used as seating to view screenings on the projector. The unique thing about these steps is that you can lift the top to convert it into a back rest


Breakfast set an ideal piece for urban working class. I’m eyeing this piece for my #instabreakfast 😉


Lotus brass collection. Image Courtesy: Nicobar
Travel Collection. Love the little details that the designer has interpreted with cool prints in places where you least expect it! Image Courtesy: Nicobar
Loving the quarter plates from Nicobar. Image showcases Kumarakom Collection

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