Christmas Cake



December is a happy month for most of us as we have our own special way to celebrate the last month of the year. This year, December has been even more special one as I got to travel to one of my favourite city Mumbai after two whole years! I also got an opportunity to conduct a cooking demo on millets and we had a full house! View my FB page to see what we cooked up.

December is also the time to celebrate Christmas and I bought Christmas decorations to decorate our home in Coorg. I shall share the pictures soon. Christmas is also the time to eat cake and drink wine. I’m sharing with you one of my favourite Christmas cake recipe. This cake is a combination of Dundee cake (Scottish Christmas cake, contains less alcohol ) and fruit cake, where the fruits are soaked in rum/brandy for couple of hours/months before baking. This cake also works great for last minute people like me who have forgotten to soak the dried fruits. A 24 hours of soaking can do the trick. This cake has all the goodness of  whole wheat and raw sugar. It is an unrefined version of Christmas cake with the taste improving each day. I urge you to bake this cake and enjoy the fruits of your labour 🙂





180gms butter

150gms sugar

3 tbs orange marmalade

3 eggs

225gms flour

50gms ground almonds

225gms whole wheat flour

1tsp ground cinnamon powder

1/2tsp ground ginger powder

1/2tsp ground clove

1 tsp baking powder

450gms mixed fruits, raisins, sultanas,  black currants soaked in rum/brandy for 24hours

50gms cherries, chopped in halve

50gms blanched almonds for decoration


  • Measure all the dry ingredients and keep aside.
  • Beat sugar and butter in a bowl until well mixed.
  • Break eggs in the bowl one at a time and beat lightly.
  • Add marmalade and the dry mixture.
  • Mix the wet and the dry ingredients slowly. Pour this mixture in a pan lined with  parchment paper. Decorate the cake batter with some blanched almonds.
  • Bake for 60 minutes @180degree centigrade in a pre-heated oven. Post 60 minutes, reduce the temperature to about 150 degree and bake for another 30minutes.
  • Allow it to cool in the pan itself. Overnight is preferable.
  • Store the cake in an air tight container at room temperature. The cake matures over time and tastes better. This cake can be stored for 15 days at room temperature in cold climate.



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